We are an international news & media production company.

Wire Entertainment is at the intersection where today’s ideas meet future innovations. We focus on delivering long term value through high-quality productions and world-class graphics that delight and stir curiosity. Thanks to passion and fascination for wonderful stories, we are a dynamic & creative company.

We develop strategies, create and implement cross-border content. Creative talent is the heart of the company.

Our activities include:
– international news platforms & magazines publishing;
– video production: corporate films & corporate photography, cinema productions, documentaries and more;
– advertising: TV & Online, design & graphics.

The love of storytelling is as old as humanity itself. Together with the feeling of curiosity, these are some of the defining characteristics we share as human beings beyond all borders and languages.

Our media network: easyengineering.eu I easyengineeringtv.com I tech-stock.eu I easyengineering.ro I tv.easyengineering.ro I techstock.ro I wire-pictures.com I wire-entertainment.com

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