On the 15 of July at the cinema Elvire Popesco of the French Institute of Romania in Bucharest took place the launching of the corporate documentary film “The story of SDMO”. The event was held at 19:00 and reunited over 90 people from the industrial domain. There were seen two films, the company documentary and a technical film witch presented the steps in creating a generator set. Both films were produced by the company Wire Entertainment in collaboration with The Brothers M Entertainment and Best Tools Company.



The documentary represents a national premiere in Romania and will be available worldwide. There were filmed key locations like hospitals, data centers, nuclear power stations, dams and soccer fields, in other words key locations of maximum importance for the functioning of modern society.

In the beginning of the event spoke Christophe Pomez, Deputy Director of the French Institute of Romania, who wished a welcome to the guests of the event. Further, the special guest of the event was Dragoş Virgil Titea, State Secretary of the Ministry of Transport who informed the guest of the future plans of the Ministry for the rest of 2014 and also its achievements to this moment, and finally Onessa Csender, Executive Director of DK Expo invited the audience to the IEAS fair which will take place this autumn.

Together with the assistance of SDMO Company, the team managed to film all the process of making a generator. The movie was filmed in the city of Brest, France, where the company’s factories are located and in more than 20 cities in Europe.

“Best Tools Company is a company that imports and distributes diverse producers on the Romanian market, starting from cleaning equipment, sanitation equipment, construction tools and generating sets. We are exclusive representatives of the renowned French producer SDMO, which is at this moment the main European electrical generator producer concerning the number of units and the range of products. Also, SDMO is the third largest producer in the world. The purpose of these films was to create brand awareness but also to emphasize the importance of electrical energy and the equipment that provide it. You will be surprised about the places where you can find a generator, starting from hospitals, hotels, oil rigs to military. We wanted, through this films, to transmit the name of the producers and the importance of these products”, said Stefan Blaer, General Manager at Best Tools Company.

For the filmmaking, the production team used the latest equipment and techniques of filming. The total amount of days for filming exceeding 30. This kind of film is probably the best product currently on the media market, both in Romania and in Europe and is the first step in the production of high quality films for the industrial market.

Wire Entertainment is an independent media production company, with activities including film production services, video production, magazine publishing, advertising and high class creative.

The Brothers M Entertainment is represented by Silviu and Bogdan Mustatea, two of the most talented young directors of the moment in Romania. They began their careers directing music videos, thus developing passion for scenarios, professional photography and filming. Their enthusiasm and skills in film production knows no boundaries and they are willing to compete with the biggest production studios in the world.

Link to the film “The Story of SDMO”:

Produced by Wire Entertainment
Directed by The Brothers M Entertainment
Director: Silviu Mustățea
Director of photography: Bogdan Mustățea
Producer: Ciprian Rotaru
Production Manager: Ștefan Blaer

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