The Story of SDMO

“The story of SDMO” is a corporate documentary film about the importance of energy in our society, specifically the importance of electricity generators, needed for the continuous of life as we know it. The main story is about one of the largest manufacturer of generators in the world – SDMO.
The documentary was filmed in France and throughout Europe, in over 20 cities such as Paris, Munich, Vienna, Frankfurt, Brest, Bucharest, Stuttgart, Innsbruck, etc. There were filmed key locations such as hospitals, data centers, nuclear power plants, dams, stadiums and so on, especially elements that represent key locations of the utmost importance for the functioning of modern society.

Produced by Wire Entertainment
Directed by The Brothers M Entertainment
Director: Silviu Mustățea
Director of photography: Bogdan Mustățea
Producer: Ciprian Rotaru
Production Manager: Ștefan Blaer


Vunk & Antonia – Leave; Romanian music video that won the MTV BEst Music VIdeo Award in 2012. Directed by The Brothers M; post production done in house.

Lumina University

Short Film done for the 20’th anniversary of Lumina University. Directed & Shot by The Brothers M. Editing, color and sfx done at our studio.